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Kern River Valley resources

The COVID-19 epidemic has required drastic changes from all of us, and in this time it is difficult for those of us in the Kern River Valley to find the most accurate information for our valley. The pages linked here provide information for our businesses and residents. Don't see information that is needed? Click the icon in the upper right to create an account and you can add/update the information yourself!

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The state of California has a ton of great resources at their COVID-19 page
Here is a press release from Kern County Public Health Services Department- released April 2, 2020 Click here for PDF

Resources for Businesses
Resources for Residents
Other local groups and their efforts

State and County Reopening Information

Learn about California's reopening plan here

California has entered the first part of Stage 2, however individual counties have the ability to move further if they meet certain criteria. Find more information on the reopening process and the status individual counties by clicking here

Individual businesses can find industry specific guidelines for reopening safely here

A resource for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is simple, fair, and brings confidence, Monoprice products here